Samsung CRG9 Series Odyssey 49″Gaming Monitor Price Drops 25% From $1,199.99 to $899; Check Out Deal


The Samsung CRG9 Series Odyssey 49″Gaming Monitor is now just $899 instead of $1,199.99. You can get this incredible deal on Best Buy. The cost of this Samsung Gaming Monitor has decreased by 25% on this website, from $1,199.99 to $899.

A 49-inch dual QHD display gives you the same amount of detail as two 27-inch QHD screens placed side by side. Even in fast motion scenes, AMD Radeon(TM) FreeSync(TM) 2 and 120Hz refresh rate deliver clear images.

Samsung CRG9 Series Odyssey 49″ Specifications

With a super ultra-wide aspect ratio and a 5120 x 1440 Dual QHD resolution, the CRG9 allows you to see more content in ultra-fine detail. The 49-inch curved monitor offers a broader vision for winning play with screen space equivalent to two 27-inch QHD displays placed side by side. The CRG9’s Super Ultra-Wide 32:9 aspect ratio curves around your field of vision to fully immerse you in the game action onscreen.

For full high dynamic range, HDR1000 provides a peak brightness rating of 1,000 nits (HDR content). Moreover, Samsung QLED technology produces colours that are more pure, vivid, and true to life than ever before.

For more fluid gameplay, the quick 120 Hz screen refresh rate reduces visual lag and motion blur. You may immediately improve performance using the on-screen display with the help of the user-friendly 60 Hz settings without having to go through the display setup menu.

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