JBL Live 660NC Headphone Price Drops 15% From $199 To $169; Check Out Deal


Now, JBL Live 660NC Headphone costs $169 instead of $199. Now on Best Buy, you can get this JBL headphone for a fantastic price. On the online store, the cost of the JBL Live 660NC headphone has been reduced by 15%.

Music is a need in your world, so put on a pair of JBL Live 660NC and brighten your day. Check out the specs below to know more about this headphone.

JBL Live 660NC Headphone Specifications

With these Bluetooth headphones’ Adaptive Noise Cancelling, you can cut all street sounds and concentrate on the music. Ambient Aware technology allows you to safely stroll through busy streets by increasing ambient noises, whilst TalkThru reduces music and boosts speech so you can effortlessly speak while wearing headphones.

Jam out for up to 50 hours (or 40 hours with ANC and BT turned on)! Then, stop for a quick 10-minute charge to get extra 4-hour fun.

The Live 660NC are shaped around your head and includes a comfortable fabric headband and plush ear cushions. When travelling, the soft pouch acts as both protection and storage.

When you remove your headphones, your music automatically stops and resumes when you put them back on.

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