All About Google’s Emoji Wallpapers That Are Rolling Out on Android 14 Beta 3!


Google unveiled Emoji Wallpapers at I/O 2023, and the customizable wallpaper is already beginning to emerge on select Pixel phones with the release of Android 14 Beta 3 yesterday.

You may choose up to 14 emoji characters for a backdrop by going to Wallpaper & Style (which is becoming increasingly congested, especially with the advent of lock screen customization).

After completion, the pattern tab provides options for Mosaic, Lotus, Stacks, Sprinkle, and Prism patterns. The density can also be adjusted with a slider. Color is the final stage of customization and pertains to both the emoji and background colors. You can also choose to “Randomize” the wallpaper throughout the UI.

You can finally bring the Emoji Wallpaper to life with animated effects when you tap it. This will make characters respond to taps.

Some Android 14 Beta 3 users (h/t Mishaal Rahman) have seen an upgrade to the Play Store for a “Emoji Workshop Wallpaper” app. If this update has not yet been made available to your device, the direct link (which currently only works on Android 14) will not allow you to manually download it. Today, just one of our Android 14 devices is seeing it.

Google announced at I/O that Emoji Wallpapers would be available for Pixel phones in June. We’re still waiting for this month’s Feature Drop (with Android 13 QPR3), and that’s when we’ll see it.

If and when everything is functioning adequately, a new ‘Emoji Workshop’ tile should appear in the wallpaper selector. Tap it to open the interface for creating an emoji wallpaper.

Google's Emoji Wallpapers are rolling out on Android 14 Beta 3

There is a randomized icon, and users can add up to 14 emojis to the wallpaper (according to Android Police). Five patterns are available: ‘Mosaic,’ ‘Lotus,’ ‘Stacks,’ ‘Sprink;e,’ and ‘Prism.’ A slider is available when selecting a motif to adjust the scale of the emoji. Finally, there are numerous color alternatives available.

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Android Police reports that the wallpaper functions as shown at Google I/O. Tapping the home screen, whether on an empty area or an app icon, causes a cascading effect. In addition, the emoji wallpaper displays subtle animations upon phone awakening and unlocking. When you put in your phone, all the emojis momentarily transform into lightning bolts, which is a unique animation we hadn’t seen before.

After producing a wallpaper, it is possible to disable the live animations and share it, though Android Police notes that the share button is presently broken. In addition, some wallpapers can be altered while others cannot, so it appears there are still a few beta issues to be resolved.

And for those not on Android 14, Android Police notes that Pixel phones running Android 13 can sideload the APK, but it is not yet functional. According to the publication, it is a server-side toggle, so you will have to wait until Google enables it.