Google Meet Update – Google Meet Makes Multitasking Easy With New Picture-in-Picture Experience!


Google Meet is one of the finest available video conversation services, particularly if you use the company’s other platforms and services. While Meet has improved significantly over the past year with features such as translated captioning and in-meeting reactions, quality-of-life enhancements such as 1080p video support have also been introduced.

Now, Google is adding more comprehensive controls to Meet on the web’s picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, which should make multitasking a breeze during meetings.

Google Meet, the company’s response to Zoom and Microsoft Teams, has received an upgrade that significantly improves the picture-in-picture (PiP) capability. According to Google’s Workspace Update blog post, a new set of settings makes it simpler to multitask during a meeting while being present and participating in video calls.

When the picture-in-picture window is active, you may now “raise your hand,” utilize PiP while in meeting chat, toggle captions on and off, resize the picture-in-picture view more effectively, and access customizable layouts, according to the business. You can still raise your hand and use other controls if you need to make a point.

Google Meet Makes Multitasking Easy With New Picture-in-picture Experience

This is a significant improvement over the previous iteration, which provided limited resizing options and a fixed aspect ratio. In addition, the previous controls only allowed you to exit the meeting or switch on/off the camera and microphone. Despite being a relatively minor modification, it greatly improves the efficacy of the app (or enables you to play Eggman Game in secret).

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The update is currently available for Google Meet on the Chrome web browser and will be rolled out to a wider audience over the next few weeks. Here, Google provides comprehensive instructions on how to use the new features.

The new functionality was published on Google’s Workspace Updates blog and is a significant improvement that will improve Google Meet in picture-and-picture (PiP) mode when using a browser. Previously, Google Meet online users only had a few choices when in PiP mode, such as camera and microphone controls or quitting the conference. Users will now have access to: in the future.

  • Raise your hand
  • In meeting chat
  • Captions can be turned on and off.
  • Resize the picture-in-picture view more effectively.
  • Use flexible layouts.

While this version does not include all of the choices available in the main UI, it does provide enough to allow you to multitask when required.

Users may now raise their hands, switch on captions, and, probably most importantly, correctly resize the screen in PiP mode, rather than jumping in and out of chat to run widely used functions. Users will also have access to alternative layout options, which will make the PiP window more pleasant to look at during a video meeting.