Apple Unveils New Products Having AI-Powered Features Ignoring Generative AI Applications!


Before some days, Apple revealed the Vision Pro headset and a variety of AI-powered capabilities but mostly disregarded the generative AI uses that Google and Microsoft have embraced.

Apple revealed the Vision Pro headset and a variety of AI-powered capabilities yesterday but mainly overlooked the generative AI applications that Google and Microsoft have embraced. There was no mention of generative AI during the two-hour Worldwide Developer.

Powered by its neural engine technology, such as call screening, which transcribes the first few lines of a voicemail in real-time so you can decide whether to pick up the phone—there was no mention of generative AI during the two-hour Worldwide Developer Conference keynote talk. The only item that came close was an upgrade to an iOS 17 function that recommends the next word you should type on an iPhone keyboard.

Following a succession of generative AI-related job advertising and a series of announcements by some of Apple’s major competitors, speculation regarding Apple’s future with generative models before WWDC.

The lack of generative AI-related news at WWDC comes a month after Google added conversational AI Bard for search and Workspace products, including integration with image generator Adobe Firefly, and two weeks after Microsoft extended OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-4 to Bing and Azure cloud offerings, respectively.

What Does Apple CEO Tim Cook Believe About Artificial Intelligence?

Apple’s CEO has been promoting the field of AI, claiming that it has so much promise that it cannot be ignored. On Thursday, the corporation stated that AI was bringing in significant advantages and fundamentally reshaping the world, but that endless concerns still exist. And we needed to settle them as quickly as possible.

Cook described generative AI as a vast field with several challenges, which is why so many people are concerned about this ordeal.

Apple Unveils AI-Powered Features Ignoring Generative AI Applications

The announcement coincides with the CEO of the tech giant discussing his views on the enormous potential of AI on a conference call with his group of investors. His silence about the possibility of product roadmaps did not come as a surprise. He did, however, acknowledge that it offered a lot, but it was particularly intriguing given the problems associated with it.

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On the other side, this prompted further complaints about how Siri’s database personnel aren’t working hard enough or producing the best results. Some of the most fundamental characteristics of this universe take weeks to create.

Similarly, Apple was busy losing key AI and machine learning employees to competitors like Google, which was never appreciated. Remember that the majority of these discoveries are related to Apple’s tight privacy restrictions. So many OpenAI issues are dependent on data gathering, and how Siri and other AI capabilities all end up processing data locally on any device.

There may be some online disagreement regarding how AI technologies are replicating various types of web material on the internet and calling it their own.