Vinicius Jr racism: Seven punished by Spanish government for racist insults against Real Madrid player


On Monday, Spain’s anti-violence commission proposed fines of 60,001 euros ($64,290) and stadium bans of two years for each of the four men accused of hanging an effigy of Real Madrid star Vinícius Júnior by the neck off a bridge in Madrid in January.

The commission further suggested 5,000 euro fines and 1-year stadium bans for each of the three Valencia fans accused of racially insulting Vinícius during a Spanish league game on May 21.

The punishment was expected to be imposed by local authorities.

Valencia, a Spanish football club, had once permanently barred the three fans from its stadium. The club was fined 27,000 euros and the Mestalla Stadium was closed down for 3 matches.

All seven persons were arrested just a few days after the racial insults in Valencia sparked an outpouring of support for Vinícius and a quick response by authorities and football officials.

The seven persons were freed awaiting further investigation by the authorities. They might all face criminal charges, but no one has ever gone to trial in Spain for racially insulting a professional football player.

Vinicius, a 22-year-old player, has been subjected to racial remarks since arriving in Spain from his home in Brazil 5 years ago. He has criticised Spanish football and local authorities for their lack of action.