Upcoming Adam Sandler/Safdie Brothers Netflix film: Announcement, cast, plot and what we know about it so far


A new feature film starring Adam Sandler and the Safdie Brothers will be released worldwide exclusively on Netflix. Here is a summary of what we currently know about the project, including the cast members who have been speculated.

When was the film announced?

The Safdie Brothers (Benny and Josh Safdie) will write, produce, and direct a brand-new film that will be released exclusively on Netflix, as was first reported in October 2022.

Notably, the three collaborated on Uncut Gems for A24, which was released in 2020 to acclaim. The project is still available on Netflix outside of the US as a Netflix Original title, however the film regrettably left the US service in May.

Who are cast in the film?

Coming to the cast, only a little information is available. However, the film revolves around two main characters who according to Sandler are:

“MOOKIE – Mookie is an 11 year old white boy. He is very overweight and on a strict diet. He’s bullied on a regular basis. Privately his sense of humor can make you laugh, but his vulnerability will make you cry. NOT ATHLETIC BUT LOVES SPORTS. BEING A FAN OF BASEBALL IS A PLUS BUT NOT A REQUIREMENT. CAN BE BASED ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.

MULLIN – Mullin is an 11 year old white boy. He’s intense, intimidating and gets what he wants. Most popular kid in his school. Very athletic and specifically very good at baseball. MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY BASEBALL WELL. MUST BE BASED IN THE NY TRI-STATE AREA.”

What is the movie about?

There are currently very little specifics available regarding the forthcoming movie.

We’ve heard the movie especially is about Baseball cards in New York City during the 1990s. The film was first described as being “in the world of sports,” but it has now been modified to “Set in the world of high-end sports card collecting.”

When can we watch it?

According to one production profile on ProductionList.com, filming on the movie was supposed to begin on April 3, 2023, but that hasn’t happened.

While some other postings currently only indicate a mid-summer 2023 filming date, other recent listings point to a June 2023 filming start date until August 2023 in New York City.