The Upshaws Season 3: Potential cast, plot, release date and other details


The Upshaws is an American comedy developed by Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes. The cast includes Sykes, Mike Epps, Kim Fields, Page Kennedy, Diamond Lyons, Khali Spraggins, Jermelle Simon, Gabrielle Dennis, and Journey Christine. The series launched on Netflix on May 12, 2021. The series got renewed for a second season in June 2021, with the first episode premiering on June 29, 2022. The second season’s second installment debuted on February 16, 2023. The series was renewed for a third season in October 2022, with a launch date of August 2023.

Now that we know the third season is ready to arrive. Following is everything you need to know about it.

The Upshaws Season 3: Cast

As of now, we do not have the exact information regarding the official cast list of the upcoming season. Moreover, we think it is safe to speculate that most of the main characters and series regulars of the show are likely to return for another season. Considering the same, check out the potential cast of the third season below:

  • Mike Epps as Bernard “Bennie” Upshaw Sr.
  • Kim Fields as Regina Upshaw
  • Wanda Sykes as Lucretia Turner
  • Diamond Lyons as Kelvin Upshaw
  • Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah Upshaw
  • Page Kennedy as Duck
  • Jermelle Simon as Bernard Upshaw Jr.
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha Lewis, Kelvin’s mother
  • Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw

Furthermore, it is possible that there could be an addition to the above mentioned cast of the series.

The Upshaws Season 3: Plot

Season 3 follows the Upshaw family as they chase greater aspirations, new career prospects, health issues—particularly mental health issues—and other significant curveballs life throws at them. They’ll keep supporting one another and moving forward as much as they can throughout it all.

The Upshaws Season 3: Release Date

On August 17, The Upshaws Part 4 will be available exclusively on Netflix. On the streamer, you may view the first three sections.

The Upshaws Season 3: Official Trailer

The official trailer is yet to be released. However, check out the official clip released by Netflix to announce the release date of the Season 3.