The Updated List of The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History!


The Phoenix Suns are still looking for their first title and have had some of the best players in team history. The Phoenix Suns are one of the NBA clubs currently looking for their first NBA title. They joined the NBA in 1968 and have had their share of successful seasons. Unfortunately, they have never won the championship, but they have had a number of outstanding players.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Certain personalities have created legacies that are cherished and revered by all Suns fans. The Phoenix Suns have featured some of the greatest players of their era, as well as some of the most beloved role players. Regardless, each participant’s name is synonymous with Suns basketball. The following Phoenix athletes have earned the title of franchise’s finest.

10. Jason Kidd

Net Worth: $87 million

During his five-year tenure with the Phoenix Suns, Jason Kidd became arguably the greatest point guard in the NBA. Kidd’s four All-Star appearances and three all-NBA team selections demonstrate his high standing among his peers.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Phoenix selling out Kidd was a poor choice when Stephon Marbury was a downgrade. Kidd’s success in the postseason with the New Jersey Nets makes them the team that most fans associate with his career, but his finest years were spent with the Phoenix Suns.

9. Chris Paul

Net Worth: $160 million

Chris Paul has only been with the Phoenix Suns for a few years, but he has already had a significant effect. Phoenix has produced two of its best regular-season performances since Paul joined a core that would not have made the playoffs without him.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Both of Paul’s first seasons featured All-Star and all-NBA selections, extending his illustrious career as a point guard. The Suns advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in over three decades, with Paul serving as a game changer, assisting Devin Booker.

8. Tom Chambers

Net Worth: $1 – $5 million

Tom Chambers became an integral member of the Phoenix Suns during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Chambers’ finest season, in which he averaged a staggering 27.2 points per game, established him as a vital member of the core.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Chambers was a member of the Phoenix roster for three of his four All-Star appearances in his tenure. When on a winning streak, the Suns regarded Chambers as one of their most dependable players. Even at the height of his tenure, Chambers managed to earn two all-NBA selections.

7. Shawn Marion

Net Worth: $160 Million

Shawn Marion’s Matrix moniker summed up his ability to get all over the court. Marion was regarded as a great two-way player who assisted the Phoenix Suns’ mid-2000s success in working with a smaller and speedier roster.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Marion was entrusted with guarding players of multiple positions and assisting Steve Nash in leading the offense in an unselfish manner. During the Suns’ stay, all four All-Star appearances and both all-NBA choices were made before leaving.

6. Paul Westphal

Net Worth: $1 – $5 Million

Paul Westphal is an uncommon individual who has had successful tenure as both a player and coach for the Phoenix Suns. Westphal achieved his greatest success in Phoenix, where he made four All-Star appearances and received four all-NBA selections.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Westphal also deserves praise for his coaching career, which culminated in the Suns reaching the 1993 NBA Finals. Any longtime Phoenix devotee will eventually consider Westphal to be one of the most significant figures due to his dual-levels of success.

5. Kevin Johnson

Net Worth: $10 Million

Kevin Johnson was trusted by the Phoenix Suns to be one of the most important figures in team history. Johnson seldom put up monster numbers, but his presence aided the Suns during what was perhaps their strongest period as a contender.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Johnson’s jersey was retired by Phoenix after his illustrious career with the team finished with four All-Star appearances and five all-NBA selections.

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Johnson seemed like the ideal complement to Charles Barkley, who extended his run even after Barkley’s departure.

4. Amare Stoudemire

Net Worth: $80 Million

Amare Stoudemire was a questionable lottery selection for the Phoenix Suns because he was a high school player. When Steve Nash joined the Phoenix Suns, Stoudemire became the team’s leading scorer, and the Suns achieved tremendous success.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Even though Nash and Mike D’Antoni were primarily responsible for the fast-paced, innovative offense, the Suns required Amare to contribute more points for it to succeed. With five All-Star appearances and four all-NBA selections, Stoudemire was among the greatest at his position in Phoenix.

3. Devin Booker

Net Worth: $30 Million

Devin Booker‘s career is still young, yet he’s already ranked among the finest Phoenix Suns players of all time. Booker is already in his seventh season with the Suns, making him the longest-tenured player on the list despite being in his peak.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Despite the lack of team accomplishments, Booker’s on-court performance remained constant, as seen by his career-high 70 points. Phoenix advanced to the NBA Finals in 2021 with Booker as their top overall player. These totals will rise over time, but Booker presently has three All-Star appearances and one all-NBA pick.

2. Steve Nash

Net Worth: $120 Million

After a successful tenure with the Dallas Mavericks, Steve Nash joined the Phoenix Suns as a free agent. Phoenix had drafted Nash years earlier, but this was the first time he was of significant importance to them after becoming a superstar.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

As a result of Nash’s leadership, the Suns went from being a secondary playoff team struggling to remain in to a title contender frequently contending for the one seed. As evidence of his impact on the game, the two MVP Awards stand out even more than the six All-Star appearances and five all-NBA selections.

1. Charles Barkley

Net Worth: $70 Million

Charles Barkley played for the Phoenix Suns for only four seasons, but he was a superstar the entire time. When Barkley requested a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers, the Suns made a significant acquisition by acquiring him.

The Top 10 Phoenix Suns Players in Franchise History

Barkley’s squad gave Michael Jordan the greatest fight of any West team in the 1993 NBA Finals, earning Barkley the MVP award and earning a spot in the championship series. Every season in Phoenix, Barkley was among the greatest players in the world, earning All-Star and all-NBA honors each year.