The Marked Heart Season 3: Renewal updates, potential cast, plot and other details


A Colombian thriller drama streaming television series titled The Marked Heart (Spanish: Pálpito) was written by Venezuelan screenwriter Leonardo Padrón [es] and produced by CMO Producciones. The show debuted on Netflix on April 20, 2022, in every country. The show’s second season was ordered following its premiere.

While fans are wondering when the next season is going to arrive, here’s what we know about The Marked Heart Season 3. Keep reading to find out.

The Marked Heart Season 3: Renewed or Canceled?

Despite originating from an international library and being a lesser-known suspense drama, the series has emerged as a favorite among certain Netflix users. The rising interest in streaming new series is great, and viewers’ eagerness to learn if there will be more seasons for the story’s continuance has started to inundate social media with their repeated inquiries about The Marked Heart’s future plans.

The Marked Heart Season 3: Who will be in the cast?

Currently, we are yet to know if there would be any addition or subtraction to the already existing cast of the series. Hence, we cannot provide the exact official cast list of the next season. Moreover, we think it is safe to speculate that most of the main characters and series regulars of the show are likely to return for another season. Nevertheless, check out the potential cast of next season below:

  • Michel Brown as Simón Duque
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez as Camila Duarte
  • Sebastián Martínez as Zacarías Cienfuegos
  • Margarita Muñoz as Valeria Duque
  • Moisés Arizmendi as Mariachi
  • Valeria Emiliani as Samantha Duque
  • Julián Cerati as Tomás
  • Juan Fernando Sánchez as Juan Carlos Sarmiento
  • Mauricio Cujar as Braulio Cárdenas
  • Jacqueline Arenal as Greta Volcán

The Marked Heart Season 3: Plot

The plotline of the upcoming season cannot be predicted at the moment. However, the official synopsis of the series reads, “After Zacarías discovers his wife, Camila, faked her death to get away from him, he’s infuriated. So he hatches a plan to get her back — and get revenge on Simón, who’s in love with Camila. Zacarías, whose wealth and connections provide him an in with the president and heavy support from a sinister organ-trafficking organization, intends to make Simón suffer just like he did when Camila’s life was threatened — and prove to Simón and Camila that he had no choice but to have Valeria killed.”

The Marked Heart Season 3: Is there an official trailer?

For all that we know, the third season is yet to be confirmed which is why there is no official trailer for Season 3 yet.