Sydney Sweeney recalls embarrassing audition for ABC Family on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’


In the most recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Sydney Sweeney made an appearance and responded to some adorable and entertaining questions from viewers. While someone inquired about her hidden talent, another wanted to know what she ate for breakfast. Sydney was also questioned about her “most embarrassing” audition experience. Sydney has been going to auditions since she was 12 years old.

The actress was a good sport in sharing her experience with everyone. Sydney said, “This one I’m scarred like, like, it’s the exact moment I will always remember. I was for the first time testing for a recurring guest star role on an ABC Family Show. And I’ve staged right. And I’ve always only had auditions where it was just one person in a room, which is the casting director. And it’s the first time I ever walked into a room and there was a table of all of these people. And I got so scared and nervous. I just forgot all my lines. And I were I couldn’t do it. And they kept being like, you can look at your life. And I was so scared. And I was so nervous. I was 14. And I remember just start crying. And I asked if I could leave.”

When questioned about her breakfast, she mentioned ‘taiyaki’. “Okay, so there’s this spot that makes they look like fish. But it’s a croissants, and it’s filled with Nutella. Oh, and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever had. It’s warm. It looks like a fish. Those Nutella and gooey and yummy. It’s amazing. Great question.”

She described being ambidexterous when asked about her weird talent. She even received a video message from Awkwafina and she was blown away by it.

Sydney is presently promoting her latest horror film, Immaculate. She even produced the movie with the production company Fifty Fifty.