Supa Team 4: Potential release date, cast, plot and all the details we know


With the release of the first trailer for Supa Team 4, a 3D-animated series about a gang of youths who join together to defend the planet from various threats, July is shaping up to be a fantastic month for fans of animation in general and African culture in particular. Less than a month from today, the show will debut.

Malenga Mulendema, a screenwriter from Zambia, developed and served as executive producer of Supa Team 4. The episodes were produced by the British production firm Cake Entertainment in collaboration with the South African animation studio Triggerfish. The voice cast includes John MacMillan (House of the Dragon), Nancy Sekhokoane (The Woman King), Pamela Nomvete (Andor), Kimani Arthur (Shimmer and Shine), Zowa Ngwira (Mpali), Namisa Mdlalose (Bypass), and Nancy Sekhokoane (Mpali).

For further details about the series, make sure to keep reading to find out.

Supa Team 4: Cast

Since the series is an animated one, we cannot the cast of Supa Team 4. However, once we know the character list of the series, we will make sure to update you.

Supa Team 4: Plot

In the neo-futuristic metropolis of Lusaka, Zambia, Supa Team 4 exhibits full Power Rangers intensity, with the four heroic females donning multicolored spandex uniforms. The girls have a variety of devices as well, and they have a hip granny to guide them on their exciting adventure. She is also the one who recruits them after judging they are suitable to wear the uniforms after spending some time monitoring their interactions and conduct.

Furthermore, The ladies will also face challenges from frightening adversaries in Supa Team 4, as hinted in the teaser. They will battle a large crocodile, a megalomaniac with a thunderbolt, an elderly guy who can control a swarm of locusts, as well as the typical big robots and slimy kaiju found in superhero tales. They seem to have a faceless commander who exudes a terrifying sense of menace.

Supa Team 4: Release Date

On July 20, Supa Team 4’s whole first season will be released on Netflix.

Supa Team 4: Official Trailer

Netflix has recently released the official trailer of Supa Team 4. Check it out below: