Sofía Vergara Recalls Hiring a Dialect Coach to Get Rid of Her ‘Beautiful Accent’


Once upon a time, actress Sofia Vergara was desperate to get rid of her accent because she thought it would limit her opportunities.

While addressing the roles that she has been given since her days on ‘Modern Family’, the actress claimed that she did not want to be cast as her character ‘Gloria (Pritchett) again’ in any comedy series, according to ‘People’ magazine.

She stated, “I cannot take this accent away, no matter what. I tried at the beginning of my career.” The actress also added, “When I moved to Los Angeles, I was like, ‘I cannot believe Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek don’t change their accent, they’d have so many more opportunities. I’m going to do it.” “Then I spent so much money and time with people teaching me, and it was a f****** waste,” Vergara added.

According to ‘People’, after 11 years on the ABC sitcom as Gloria, a Colombian bombshell and single mother, the actress has spoken about the difficulty finding a dramatic role. “It was almost playing myself in a way,” she said. “I never went to an acting class in my life. And when I decide to do something different, it’s hard because this accent is beautiful, but it’s like, I cannot be a scientist, I cannot be an astronaut.”