Silo Season 2: Expected cast, plot, release date and other details


Silo is an American science fiction dystopian drama television series produced by Graham Yost and based on Hugh Howey’s Wool trilogy of novels. Set in a bleak future, a population lives in a massive subterranean silo with 144 floors. The fans of the show have been eagerly anticipating the second season. In case you are one of those show addicts for the next season to premiere, then here we are to provide you with all the details we know about the upcoming season of Silo.

Silo Season 2: Cast

At this moment of writing, there is no official notice about the cast list of the upcoming season of Silo. However, as usual, we expect most of the series regulars and main characters to star in the next season as well. Following the same, check out the potential cast below:

  • Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette Nichols
  • Rashida Jones as Allison Becker
  • David Oyelowo as Holston Becker
  • Common as Robert Sims
  • Tim Robbins as Bernard Holland
  • Harriet Walter as Martha Walker
  • Avi Nash as Lukas Kyle
  • Rick Gomez as Patrick Kennedy
  • Chinaza Uche as Paul Billings
  • Will Patton as Samuel “Sam” Marnes
  • Ferdinand Kingsley as George Wilkins
  • Shane McRae as Knox
  • Billy Postlethwaite as Hank
  • Chipo Chung as Sandy
  • Remmie Milner as Shirley Campbell
  • Matt Gomez Hidaka as Cooper
  • Iain Glen as Dr. Pete Nichols
  • Caitlin Zoz as Kathleen Billings

Furthermore, it is possible that there could be an addition to the above mentioned cast of the series.

Silo Season 2: Plot

The tale of the last 10,000 humans on earth is told in Silo, where they live in a mile-deep shelter that protects them from the dangerous outer environment. Nobody is aware of the silo’s construction’s dates or purposes, and anybody who tries to learn these things risks death. Ferguson plays Juliette, an engineer who is looking for information concerning the death of a loved one. As she does so, she becomes entangled in a mystery that is far deeper than she could have ever anticipated, learning that the truth will kill you if lies don’t.

Silo Season 2: Release Date

As of June 2023, Season 2 was already in development despite the continuous network strikes that had halted it.

Therefore, if Silo Season 2 follows a similar schedule, we may anticipate its release in early 2025.

Silo Season 2: Official Trailer

There is no official trailer for Silo Season 2 as of now.