Seeking Brother Husband Season 2: Expected Release Date, Cast and Plot


Season 1 of ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ completed with a wedding, heartbreaks and the news of a baby. The TLC show had six exciting episodes and audiences were treated to some shocking twists. Throughout the season, the four polyandrous throuples navigate the extreme ups and downs of their relationship. Fans must be wondering whether TLC will continue the show for Season 2 after so much great drama. Here’s everything we know so far about ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ season 2.

Seeking Brother Husband Season 2 Potential Release Date

TLC has made no formal announcements about ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Season 2. In any case, given the show’s popularity, it will be no surprise if it is renewed for a new season. Fans can expect Season 2 to be released in 2024.

Seeking Brother Husband Season 2 Expected Cast

Fans could be looking forward to four new throuples joining the exciting programme. Audiences must wait till TLC officially announces their cast members.

Seeking Brother Husband Season 2 Expected Plot

The high drama of four couples who attempted polyandry was shown to viewers in the last season. The forthcoming season, however, will feature four new couples who will manage the ups and downs of having more than one spouse. With each episode, the drama will become more extreme as the couples navigate life-changing decisions and deal with the jealousy and the negative effects of a polyandrous relationship.