Say Goodbye to Cross-Messaging: Meta Disables Communication Between Facebook and Instagram


Meta, the technology conglomerate encompassing Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has announced it will shut down a key messaging feature. As of mid-December 2023, users will no longer be able to seamlessly message one another across the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Why Disable Cross-Platform Messaging?

The cross-messaging functionality was introduced in 2020, allowing seamless communication between the sister apps. Its shutdown comes as a surprise, as Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously voiced intentions to interconnect messaging across Meta’s properties.

No official rationale was given for disabling cross-platform messaging. The change leaves 65+ million active Facebook and Instagram users unable to open new cross-app conversations.

How The Change Impacts Users

As of the unspecified December 2023 date, initiating Facebook and Instagram cross-messaging will be permanently disabled. Existing conversations will become read-only, with loss of visibility into activity status and read receipts.

Meta will not migrate conversations to other platforms. Users who wish to message cross-platform will have to initiate separate streams within each individual app.

Messaging Alternatives Still Available

While disappointing to users, numerous alternative messaging apps with robust feature sets exist. Leaders include Signal, Telegram, and Wire, all of which offer encrypted messaging to enhance user privacy and security.

The shutdown of Facebook and Instagram cross-functionality will require users to restart conversations within each platform. With other secure, cross-platform messaging apps available, the transition may open new opportunities.