Robert Carlyle reveals how his dark childhood made him a bit of a loner


Robert Carlyle has always been “a bit of a loner,” which he blames on his “dark”  childhood. The ‘Trainspotting’ star’s mother abandoned him when he was a child, leaving him to be raised by a single father in Glasgow, Scotland and Robert admits that his tough upbringing made him feel isolated and “different” to his peers.

In a recent interaction with the Guardian newspaper, The actor stated that he has always been a bit of a loner and that he constantly thinks of his life in terms of darkness and light because the first part of it was pretty dark. “My mother had left when I was a wee boy.”

Robert said that growing up in Glasgow in the 1960s with his father alone and the single-parent family, there wasn’t a lot of it around, particularly a single-parent family with a father.

“That made me instantly different from the rest of the people who were around me. Genuinely, I’ve never really spoken about this before. But I guess that’s probably where it started.”

He added, “When I was very young, yeah, definitely. It’s the little things … Back in the day, if you had to get permission for something, the teachers would say, bring a note in from your mum. Stuff like that. Of course, when you don’t have that, that really hits home, even when you’re a wee boy.”