Outer Banks Season 4: Speculated release date, cast, plot and everything we know


Aren’t you all excited for the next season of Outer Banks? Well, to be honest, who isn’t? Ever since the last season premiered, the fans of the show have been eagerly anticipating the season. In case you are one of those show addicts for the next season to premiere, then here we are to provide you with all the details we know about the upcoming season of the series.

The fourth season of Outer Banks, a popular Netflix series about teenage treasure hunters, has been eagerly awaited. The streaming behemoth has already teased fans with a teaser trailer and shared some interesting facts, heightening their anticipation for what’s to come.

Outer Banks Season 4: Cast

Currently, we are yet to know if there would be any addition or subtraction to the already existing cast of the series. Hence, we cannot provide the exact official cast list of the next season. Moreover, we think it is safe to speculate that most of the main characters and series regulars of the show are likely to return for another season. Nevertheless, check out the potential cast of Season 4 below:

  • Chase Stokes as John B. Routledge
  • Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron
  • Madison Bailey as Kiara “Kie” Carrera
  • Jonathan Daviss as Pope Heyward.
  • Rudy Pankow as JJ Maybank
  • Austin North as Topper
  • Charles Esten as Ward Cameron
  • Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron
  • Cullen Moss as Deputy Shoupe
  • Julia Antonelli as Wheezie Cameron
  • Caroline Arapoglou as Rose
  • E. Roger Mitchell as Heyward
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Carla Limbrey
  • Jesse C. Boyd as Renfield
  • Andy McQueen as Carlos Singh
  • Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Ryan
  • Fiona Palomo as Sofia

Outer Banks Season 4: Plot

Although Season 4’s particular narrative has not yet been made public, information from creator interviews and conjecture based on Season 3’s events provide suggestions as to what to expect. 18 months later, in the epilogue to Season 3’s finale, a guy approaches the Pogues with an interesting offer concerning a captain’s log from 1718 that contains details about the notorious pirate Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard. This implies that the Pogues’ exciting adventure to find Blackbeard’s lost riches will be the main plot of Season 4.

Outer Banks Season 4: Release Date

The cast and crew are back on the Outer Banks getting ready for the forthcoming Season 4 production, according to Chase Stokes’ TUDUM address. While he didn’t explicitly say that filming was happening right now, his words definitely raise the possibility that it is. If nothing goes wrong, Outer Banks Season 4 should be on television by the summer of 2024.