No signs point to Money Heist Season 6, but exciting spin-offs keep the story alive


Money Heist, the global Netflix phenomenon also known as La Casa de Papel, captivated over 65 million households worldwide. After five gripping seasons, the final episodes dropped in December 2021, bringing the heist at the Bank of Spain to a dramatic close.

With intense cliffhangers, complex characters, and award-winning directing, fans are left wondering – will there be a Money Heist Season 6?

Creators Intended Five Seasons For a Satisfying Conclusion

In July 2020, Alex Pina, the creator of Money Heist, announced the fifth season would be the last. This allowed the writers to bring the character arcs to a meaningful close after the two-part Bank of Spain heist storyline.

Ending after five seasons was strategic – going out on top to preserve the essence of the showrunners’ creative vision and keep fans wanting more. As Pina stated in interviews, there are no plans to renew the show for a sixth season.

Upcoming Spin-Offs Expand the Money Heist Universe

While Season 5 was promoted as the finale, Money Heist fans still have more action to look forward to. Netflix greenlit a Berlin spinoff series, premiering in December 2023. This prequel will showcase the Bank of Spain heist’s fan-favorite mastermind earlier in his career.

Additional linked spinoffs are also rumored to be in development. These would likely feature other members of the Professor’s crew. This allows creators to explore new storylines while rewarding loyal viewers with cameos and Easter eggs.

The massive global fanbase ensures the enduring legacy of Money Heist. As viewers rewatch to catch hidden details, the spinoffs will attract new audiences and keep the complex world alive – even without a Season 6 renewal.