‘Minecraft’ Movie: Release date, cast, plot and other details


Since initially revealing their aspirations for a Minecraft movie in 2014, Warner Brothers and Mojang have swapped teams many times throughout the years. Before finally abandoning the project, several filmmakers were attached and the movie through a number of various revisions. It appears that the much-delayed and extensively revised Minecraft movie is finally coming together with a director, an A-list star, and a set release date.

For all the fans, that are eagerly waiting for the film, make sure to keep reading as following is everything we know about the film.

Minecraft: Cast

According to the reports, The Minecraft movie will star Jason Momoa, it was confirmed in April 2022. With his roles as Aquaman in the DCEU and the main antagonist in this summer’s Fast X, Momoa has had a busy schedule recently. Although we don’t know much about the role Momoa will be portraying just yet, it’s probable that it may be “Steve,” the game’s most known player avatar. (Alex is the name of the standard feminine avatar.)

Matt Berry, who starred in What We Do in the Shadows, was confirmed to be joining Momoa in the cast in May 2023 in an unspecified capacity.

You might have heard that Steve Carell was going to be a star in the Minecraft movie, but that is no longer true. Although Carrell’s involvement in the film was widely reported in 2016, much has changed since then, and it is now thought that the The Office and Despicable Me star is no longer involved.

Minecraft: Plot

At the moment, There are little plot information available for the movie. There have been several distinct iterations of the project, and it is unknown whether any of the specifics from those previous iterations will be included in this film. A previous draft of the film was going to focus on the idea of “people taking agency over their experience in [the] digital landscape,” and another draft was going to tell “the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers” who must save their Overworld from an Ender Dragon. It’s not clear if either of those plots will still be used.

Of course, the story has never been a focus of the game Minecraft itself. Instead, it is an open-world building and survival game in which players create sophisticated and detailed buildings while attempting to fend off attacks from monsters like creepers, zombies, and skeletons. The several play modes in Minecraft let players concentrate on the parts of the game they like most, whether that’s cooperative play, survival, or building.

Minecraft: When can we watch it?

According to a report from Production Weekly, shooting on the Minecraft movie is scheduled to start on August 7 in New Zealand.