Matthew Perry’s death under investigation due to ketamine found in his blood


After the tragic demise of Matthew Perry investigators are looking into how the actor got ketamine. In October, Perry, who struggled with addiction for a long time, was found unconscious in his hot tub. The incident led to an inquiry to determine the source of the ketamine in his system.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the DEA and local police are also looking into Perry’s acquisition of ketamine.

The main objective is to identify the individual or network that supplied him with the drug. Despite extensive efforts, no arrests have taken place so far.

As part of their investigation, authorities conducted interviews with numerous famous Hollywood celebrities. These include those who have suffered from addiction and can provide information that may help identify the supplier. As investigators seek to put together the events leading up to Perry’s tragic death, the investigation is still ongoing.

The County of Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s autopsy last year found that Matthew Perry died as a result of the “acute effects of ketamine”. The report also highlighted drowning, coronary artery disease and the effects of buprenorphine as significant causes. The medical examiner concluded that although Perry had received ketamine infusion therapy for depression a little over a week before his death, the ketamine found in his system most likely did not come from this treatment. Given the medication’s short half-life of three to four hours, it appears that the ketamine was taken more recently.