Know the ‘UPDATED’ Madden NFL 24 Top-Rated Player Predictions!


Madden 24 will likely include the return of the coveted 99 clubs, and a number of players from this season will likely make the mark. The NFL season comes and goes like clockwork, breaking supporters’ souls and raising their hopes.

Whether the Philadelphia Eagles are soaring high or the Denver Broncos are buckling under the weight of expectations, the teams that populate the league are ripe for video games, and Madden typically delivers on the brand’s promises for a strong gaming franchise. Madden 24 will undoubtedly be the next title, and it will require a high level of skill to succeed Madden 23, as there is always a large market for EA’s products.

Madden NFL 24 Top-Rated Player Predictions

Because NFL performances aren’t always constant, the greatest players in each yearly game are never the same. A fresh batch will most certainly occupy the coveted 99 Club, and there are a few guys in the league right now who are playing well enough to find themselves with a sufficiently high rating.

Patrick Mahomes

It is simple to see why Patrick Mahomes is the face of the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs. With a championship and an MVP award already under his credit, he is a decorated defensive player for any team in the league.

Mahomes is in the greatest position to achieve long-term success due to his ability to complete any pass, his strong leadership, and Andy Reid’s sublime offensive philosophy. On Madden 23, there are only three players with a higher rating than he does, which is somewhat surprising.

Madden NFL 24 Top-Rated Player Predictions

Patrick Mahomes is a dual-threat player who can harm Madden opponents with his accuracy and his agility. Although players can use him as a skin in Fortnite, Madden should be the game where he is most coveted, and that means assigning him a rating commensurate with his unyielding talent.

Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson, a first-round choice out of LSU in 2020, has only improved during his tenure in the NFL, culminating in a 2022/23 season that has been nothing short of historic. His single-season stats are right up there with Randy Moss’, and in many ways, he outperforms the Hall of Famer.

Madden NFL 24 Top-Rated Player Predictions

Justin Jefferson presently has a 97 overall rating, with scores in the 90s for agility, speed, acceleration, awareness, and catching.  He’s a complete wide receiver in more ways than one, and in the virtual space, it’s critical to have a constant solid first read to make gobbling up yards seem effortless. He wasn’t satisfied with his Madden 22 rating, and his results this year prove he was correct. He is deserving of better.

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow has been nothing short of sensational after being drafted first overall in 2020. In college, he was the quarterback from whom the aforementioned Justin Jefferson caught passes, therefore it’s no surprise that LSU won the National Championship. In the NFL, Joe Burrow’s wizardry has benefited the Cincinnati Bengals, with his presence in Super Bowl 56 confirming him as one of the top signal callers in the game.

Madden NFL 24 Top-Rated Player Predictions

Burrow’s ascension to the top has been slow but anticipated. Joe Burrow’s athleticism does not equal Josh Allen’s, and his arm strength does not rival Patrick Mahomes’, but he is silently consistent and plays the game with the conviction that he is a jack of all crafts and master of a few more.

In Madden 23, he has a total of 92 points, six points less than Mahomes’ 98, but he is far from the talent the Chiefs have behind center. Madden 24 should demonstrate this.

Nick Bosa

Despite having an elder brother who has had a distinguished NFL career, Nick Bosa defies expectations and has consistently outperformed Los Angeles Chargers player Joey Bosa. He is one of the NFL’s most fearsome defenders and one of the few players that people think has a chance to win Defensive Player of the Year at the end of the 22–23 season.

Madden NFL 24 Top-Rated Player Predictions

With 17.5 sacks this season and a current overall rating of 97, there is no logical reason for Nick Bosa to go below that mark. However, as he continues to age and gain experience, now is the right moment for him to move up to 99. Formerly a prospect with limitless potential, he is now an almost unstoppable force and a crucial part of the San Francisco 49ers’ very strong defense.