Kirsten Dunst recalls ‘miserable’ shooting of Spider-Man’s upside-down kiss


The iconic upside-down kissing scene from the first Spider-Man movie is well known by every fan of the character. However, if you ask Mary Jane’s actress Kirsten Dunst about it, she’ll give you a different story. During her recent appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, the actress stated that it was a “miserable” experience to shoot the scene.

During the chat, when the host mentioned how iconic the scene from the movie is, Kirsten said, “I remember [the director] Sam Raimi giving me a book of famous kisses to be inspired but also, he really wanted to make it special even though it was kind of miserable actually doing it.”

She went on to say that because Tobey was upside down, he was having trouble breathing during the scene. The actress said, “It was pouring with rain, freezing, Tobey couldn’t breathe so it was almost like I was resuscitating him.” However, she also stated that it is an iconic moment and that it is great to be a part of something like that in her career.

In 2003, the kissing scene won the Best Kiss award from the MTV Movie & TV Awards. The on-screen relationship between Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire for the movie became real when the two began dating during production. After dating for just over a year, the couple called it quits in 2002.