Johnny Wactor`s cause of death revealed days after murder


The cause of death for General Hospital star Johnny Wactor has been revealed, only days after his murder. As per Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, Wactor, 37, died of a gunshot wound to the chest. The actor’s demise has been ruled a homicide.

Wactor was shot and killed early on May 25 by armed robbers attempting to steal his car’s catalytic converter. According to Wactor’s brother Grant, the event happened while Wactor and a female coworker were walking to their cars.

Grant stated that while they approached the vehicle, Wactor noticed that his car was “jacked up or lifted in some way.” He believed he was being towed. Grand stated that Wactor immediately realized “they were definitely not tow truck people.”

According to reports, Grant died while protecting his female coworker. Grant stood in front of her, hands lifted. “He did not confront them,” Grant stated. “He did not try to stop them. He was just trying to diffuse the situation by stepping back.”

Grand also stated that the robbers “weren’t expecting anybody to walk up on them, so they got scared. And there’s nothing more dangerous than a coward with a gun in his hand.”

After shooting Wactor, the guys fled the scene in a car. The actor was taken to a nearby hospital and later declared dead.