Jennifer Aniston to take a break from acting, says ‘I’ve never done that, but I really think I’m going to do it’


Since becoming globally recognised as Rachel Green in the 1990s sitcom “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston has become a regular face in Hollywood. However, she revealed that she plans to step out of the limelight for the next few months because she found that she has become “very insular” as a result of having to spend time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent interaction with People, Jennifer stated that in their line of work, you have to demand or carve out time off since something constantly comes up. “So I think after next week I’m going to take June and July off. I’ve never done that, but I really think I’m going to do it.” Since she hasn’t travelled since the pandemic, she said that she intends to do it this time. The actress also added, “I’ve become very insular. But it’s time to get over that; it’s very easy to fall into agoraphobia after this pandemic. And I refuse to let that happen.”

The actress also went on to provide some health tips, stating that she has learned to eat well and get enough sleep while balancing it all up with “fun and gluttony” in order to remain in shape.