Is Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 Releasing In May 2023?


Everyone enjoys a good underdog story. When the David vs Goliath odds event occurs in sports, with legions of supporters rooting for victory, it takes on a whole new level of brilliance. Disney+’s Welcome to Wrexham did just that during its first run in 2022. The docuseries was the most recent project of Hollywood personalities Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who purchased and tried to revive Welsh club Wrexham AFC to its former heights. Following the success of the first season, both on-screen and on the pitch, the sports documentary will return for a 2nd season later this year.

Here’s everything you need to know about Welcome to Wrexham season 2.

Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 Potential Release Date

We don’t know when Welcome to Wrexham season 2 will be released, but Disney Plus stated it will be in 2023. The 1st season of Welcome to Wrexham premiered in August 2022, therefore season 2 is expected to premiere in August 2023.

Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 Expected Cast

  • Rob McElhenney, Wrexham A.F.C. co-owner and famous TV star
  • Ryan Reynolds, Wrexham A.F.C. co-owner and famous Deadpool
  • Humphrey Ker, Wrexham A.F.C. executive director and Rob McElhenney’s colleague
  • Fleur Robinson, Wrexham A.F.C. chief executive
  • Shaun Harvey, Wrexham A.F.C. advisor to the board
  • Phil Parkinson, Wrexham A.F.C. manager
  • Paul Mullin, Wrexham A.F.C. player
  • Jordan Davies, Wrexham A.F.C. player
  • Aaron Hayden, Wrexham A.F.C. player
  • Ollie Palmer, Wrexham A.F.C. player