Is The Good Doctor Season 7 Releasing In May 2023?


The Good Doctor is on hiatus for the summer, since season 6 concluded on May 1. But don’t panic, season 7 of The Good Doctor is on its way. The tale of Dr. Shaun Murphy and his colleagues at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital will be continued in ABC’s hit medical drama.

The main characters of The Good Doctor are Dr Shaun Murphy, an autistic physician with savant syndrome who works at Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, and his coworkers. It’s easy to say that The Good Doctor fans have been thrilled since ABC TV Channel announced that the show has been renewed for a 7th season. Here’s everything you need to know about The Good Doctor season 7.

The Good Doctor Season 7 Potential Release Date

The Good Doctor season 7 premiere date hasn’t been revealed, nevertheless, because the show was renewed, we believe it will be released in October 2023.

The Good Doctor Season 7 Expected Cast

  • Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy
  • Richard Schiff as Dr. Aaron Glassman
  • Hill Harper as Dr. Marcus Andrews
  • Will Yun Lee as Dr. Alex Park
  • Fiona Gubelmann as Dr. Morgan Reznick
  • Christina Chang as Dr. Audrey Lim
  • Paige Spara as Lea Dilallo-Murphy
  • Bria Samoné Henderson as Dr. Jordan Allen
  • Noah Galvin as Dr. Asher Wolke
  • Brandon Larracuente as Dr. Danny Perez