Is Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Releasing In May 2023?


The thrill that we get from watching a horror series is out of this world and we can’t put it into words. And the Thai series Girl from Nowhere is likewise popular and horrifying, which gives horror thrillers with Teen Drama. And the two seasons of Girl from Nowhere have been hugely successful, with viewers eagerly anticipating the 3rd season.

Here’s everything we know so far about Girl from Nowhere Season 3.

Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Potential Release Date

Fans of The Girl From Nowhere Season 3 are highly thrilled about its debut and are anxiously awaiting any updates about the release date. We’d all like to see a 3rd season of Girl From Nowhere. However, no release date has been dropped. All we have to do now is wait for affirmation from one of the show’s insiders.

Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Expected Cast

  1. Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno
  2. Tris Ren as Nanno
  3. Naomi Amante as Bam’s Sister
  4. Rich Ting
  5. Kayli Tran
  6. Michael Shen as Various
  7. Chanya McClory as Yuri
  8. Miki Yamashita as Additional Voices
  9. Mei Pak as Je T’aime
  10. Morakot Liu as Bam
  11. Kunchanuj Kengkarnka as Thap
  12. Nutnicha Lueanganankhun as Fong
  13. Victoria Grace as WI
  14. Michelle Mao as Bam
  15. Chase Yi as Wit
  16. Nicole Fong as Fong
  17. Darren Keilan
  18. Alex Duong as Thap
  19. Joel Ambo as Meng
  20. Lynna Yee as Cleaning Lady
  21. Atikhun Adulpocatorn as Kai
  22. George Tsai as Dad
  23. Bekah Jung as Junko
  24. Poompat Iam-Samang as Hok
  25. Chonnikan Netjui as Mew