Is Fire Force Season 3 Releasing In May 2023?


Fire Force is a popular shonen anime and manga series famous for its unique character designs and action sequences. The manga for the series has been finished and 2 seasons of anime have been created so far. Despite the series’ positive response, the team has not provided its fans with much information about the future season’s release.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fire Force season 3.

Fire Force Season 3 Potential Release Date

On May 16, 2022, the show’s official Twitter account announced “Fire Force” Season 3 official. The tweet included a photo of the harp-toothed teen Shinra Kusakabe posing after one of his attacks. sadly, no release date for Season 3 was revealed.

The first 2 seasons were released in July 2019 and July 2020, respectively. After 2021 passed with no updates, the 3rd season was ultimately revealed on Twitter in 2022. Fans predicted that the 3rd season will premiere in late 2023.

Fire Force Season 3 Potential Cast

Fans are likely going to see their favourite actors and actresses in Season 3 of Fire Force. Akitaru Obi (voiced by Kazuya Naka) and Shinra Kusakabe (voiced by the industry’s best, Gakuto Kajiwara)) share the same voice actor. Tamaki Kotatsu’s voice will be given by Aoi Yuki. Takehisa Hinawa will be played by Kenichi Suzumura.