How to Block YouTube Ads on Your Android TV? Why Ads Should Be Blocked?


The experience of viewing YouTube videos continues to deteriorate, and if you watch them on a smart TV, you can expect to see a large number of 30-second advertisements that cannot be skipped before your video begins. As if that weren’t terrible enough, YouTube may also begin displaying advertisements when you suspend a video. You can pay for YouTube Premium (no), or you can discover a superior alternative to the YouTube app.

Reasons to Disable YouTube Advertisements or Use an Ad Blocker

Here are some of the most common reasons why people want to block advertisements on YouTube:

  • Too many advertisements
  • Annoying
  • Overly Obtrusive Ads
  • It occupies too much
  • Contains pathogen
  • sluggish page rendering
  • Avoid adverts before
  • Compromises on the web
  • Uses up data

The Most Effective Methods for Blocking YouTube Ads on Android TV

We’re all used to YouTube ads on our phones, so they’re easy to understand. But things get worse when you just want to relax at home and watch some YouTube movies. Most of the time, people use Android TV to watch YouTube movies as a way to unwind. Without any further delay, we have included some of the top YouTube ad-blocking solutions below:

1. Select an App to Prevent YouTube Advertisements on Your Smart TV

SmartTubeNext allows you to disable YouTube advertising on Android TV devices. It works with Chromecast-enabled TVs, Amazon’s Fire TV streaming sticks, Xiaomi’s Mi Box streaming device, Nvidia Shield, and a variety of other Android TV streaming devices. As long as you have a compatible device, you may install SmartTubeNext by following the instructions on its GitHub page.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Your Android TV

It just has to be installed manually once. The software will be able to update itself after you’ve installed it. SmartTubeNext removes all YouTube commercials and even includes the SponsorBlock plugin, allowing you to avoid ad reads and other sponsored bits within videos by your favorite YouTube producers.

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With SmartTubeNext, you can also use picture-in-picture mode for free. This is ideal for folks who enjoy watching YouTube videos while also watching a live sports game from another app. The program also supports casting and voice search, and you can find instructions on how to set it up for your device on its GitHub website.

It is crucial to remember that SmartTubeNext only functions as a substitute for the YouTube app. It cannot be used in place of the YouTube TV app to view live TV channels.

And, as appealing as SmartTubeNext may seem in principle, once you start using it, you may realize that its UI isn’t as professional as Google’s official version. But that’s a little price to pay to get rid of commercials, especially when they seem to become worse with each passing year.

2. You Can Also Acquire YouTube Premium for a Low Cost

Consider purchasing YouTube Premium if SmartTubeNext does not function on your device, but use a workaround to get a better bargain. Utilize a reliable VPN and the private browsing mode on your browser to discover the best international deals. In Argentina, India, and Turkey, YouTube Premium costs less than $2 per month, compared to $12 per month in the United States.


It’s important to know that this app can be used on its own to watch YouTube videos on your Android TV. The only change is that this time you don’t have to deal with ads. Also, the design doesn’t look as polished as the main YouTube app.

It also doesn’t stream live on YouTube TV, which is something to keep in mind. If you want to watch live TV on YouTube, you might have to keep using the YouTube TV app.