Hightown Season 3 Is Not Releasing In June 2023?


Hightown is a typical American criminal television series with a unique twist. Rebecca Cutter, Gary Lennon, Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun Maverick) and Jonathan Littman are the creators and producers of the show. For Starz TV, the 1st season was a huge success and the show broke all previous records for viewers on various digital platforms.

The series is about the drug war, the use of drugs and addiction, all of which are mixed with a murder mystery case. The 1st and 2nd seasons present the main story so well that viewers can’t help but wonder whether there will be a 3rd season.

Here’s everything we know so far about Hightown Season 3.

Hightown Season 3 Potential Release Date

The STARZ Network has not yet announced what it has in store for the “Hightown” television series. However, based on the final episode schedule, the most probable date for the debut of the Hightown 3rd season is Sunday, December 24, 2023.

Hightown Season 3 Expected Cast

  • Monica Raymund will play Jackie Quiñones
  • Dohn Norwood will play Alan Saintille
  • James Badge Dale will play Det. Ray Abruzzo
  • Riley Voelkel will play Renee Segna
  • Amaury Nolasco will play Frankie Cuevas Sr.
  • Atkins Estimond will play Osito
  • Garret Dillahunt will play Shane Frawley
  • Jeanine Serralles will play Rachel
  • Kaya Rosenthal will play Sarah
  • Michael Drayer will play Owen Frawley
  • Ellie Barone will play Veronica
  • Taja V. Simpson will play Janelle