Godzilla Minus One: Speculated cast, plot, release date and what we know


Because nothing screams “Happy Holidays” like a fearsome 500-foot-tall reptile, Godzilla Minus One will make its world premiere in theaters throughout the world right before the holidays. The movie will formally debut on Friday, November 3, 2023, in its native Japan, which will be the first market to see it.

Following are all the details we know so far about Godzilla Minus One. Make sure to keep reading.

Godzilla Minus One: Cast

For all that we know, the network is yet to update about the cast of this upcoming film which is why we cannot provide you the exact list of the entire cast members. As per the reports, Even though Godzilla Minus One is already into pre-production, Toho has not yet disclosed any information regarding the film’s supporting cast other than the titular reptilian nemesis. As the movie’s release date approaches, perhaps when the second, predictably longer trailer is released, more information about the casting will likely become available.

Godzilla Minus One: Plot

Godzilla Minus One will take place in a completely new universe apart from previous entries, despite being the 33rd Godzilla movie to be created and published by Toho with the franchise only recently getting reset with Shin Godzilla. More detailed plot information surrounding Godzilla Minus One have not yet been made public, aside from the altered scenario and the astute assumption that this frightening Godzilla was produced by nuclear radiation. Nevertheless, it appears to be a traditional Godzilla tale that portrays its namesake as a truly animalistic creature rather than a helpful protector as in more modern incarnations.

Godzilla Minus One: Release Date

The movie will then be released on Friday, December 1, 2023, roughly a month later in Western markets like Canada and the United States.

Godzilla Minus One: Official Trailer

On July 11th, 2023, Toho released the first teaser trailer for Godzilla Minus One, which has amassed over a million views so far. The entire trailer, which is only thirty seconds long, adopts a somewhat understated and ambiguous stance.