Elliot Page reveals a Famous Actor verbally assaulted him and Told Him Being Gay ‘Doesn’t Exist’


Actor Elliot Page stated in his new memoir ‘Pageboy’ that an A-list Hollywood actor once verbally abused him when he came out as gay. He was at a birthday celebration in Los Angeles in 2014 when he was confronted by a homophobic actor. This encounter was described in detail by the actor in one of the book’s chapters.

According to People magazine, Elliot Page described an encounter with a homophobic actor in a chapter of his novel titled ‘Famous A–hole at Party.’ As per the excerpt from the chapter, the unnamed actor told Elliot, “You aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist. You are just afraid of men… I’m going to f–k you to make you realize you aren’t gay.”

More specifically, Eliot stated that he met the actor a couple of days later at the gym, where he attempted to take back his comments and state that he had no problem with homosexual people.  Recalling that experience, Elliot said that she had some version of that occurred numerous times during her life. “A lot of queer and trans people deal with it incessantly. These moments that we often like don’t talk about or we’re supposed to just brush off, when actually it’s very awful. I put that story in the book because it’s about highlighting the reality, the s–t we deal with and what gets sent to us constantly, particularly in environments that are predominantly cis and heterosexual. How we navigate that world where you either have more extreme, overt moments like that. Or you have the more, like, subtle jokes. [In Hollywood] these are very powerful people. They’re the ones choosing what stories are being told and creating content for people to see all around the world.”

The actor also stated that he decided not to reveal his identity on purpose, but he is aware that that person will hear about this and would undoubtedly know.