Despicable Me 4: Speculated release date, cast, plot and other details


Fans and reviewers realized how big of a powerhouse Despicable Me 2 would be when it surpassed all box office projections when it was released. The Minions themselves have already inspired two spin-off movies, the first of which, Minions, generated over $1 billion at the box office. Gru and the Minions in particular were so entertaining and humorous that they almost transcended the cinema genre and became their own cultural phenomenon.

With the fourth Despicable Me movie, and the sixth in the franchise, being formally announced by Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri back in 2017, figures like those more than justified the faith from production firms. Following the announcement of the release date for that specific sequel and the passage of over six years since the film’s confirmation, here is all we currently know about Despicable Me 4.

Despicable Me 4: Cast

The casting of the Despicable Me franchise, which boasts a lengthy list of Hollywood giants who have already contributed their talents to the series, has been one of the many elements in its huge popularity. Despicable Me 4’s cast has not yet been finalized, which is unfortunate, but we have received some casting confirmations anyway. Naturally, Steve Carell from The Office is back as Gru, possibly the greatest cinematic villain of all time. Alongside him are actors like Steve Coogan from Tropic Thunder as Silas Ramsbottom, Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaids as Gru’s wife Lucy Wilde, and Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly as their adopted daughter Margo.

Their other two daughters, Agnes Gru and Edith Gru, will likely be played by Nev Scharrel (Aimee) and Dana Gaier (On My Block), respectively. Even though they haven’t been formally confirmed, Edith and Agnes have been strongly suggested to exist in the future film, according to Steve Carell. There have undoubtedly been many more outstanding performances in the series, and viewers will be hoping that their favorite actors and characters, such as Will Arnett from Arrested Development as Mr. Perkins, Russell Brand from Forgetting Sarah Marshall as Dr. Nefario, and Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music as Marlene Gru, will be making a comeback.

Despicable Me 4: Plot

Gru’s twin brother Dru, who is also voiced by Steve Carell, takes leadership of the minions at the conclusion of Despicable Me 3, the most current movie in the series chronologically. Gru and Lucy are back in the Anti-Villain League, indicating that their roles will serve as the foundation for Despicable Me 4. It is reasonable to assume that a new super-villain is hatching some nefarious plan to rule the globe, and Gru and his friends will use all available methods to stop it. Stay tuned to Collider for updates if you want to know the latest Despicable Me 4 story details.

Despicable Me 4: Release Date

Despicable Me 4 will hit theaters on July 3, 2024, only two days before the scheduled debut of the Lion King prequel Mufasa: The Lion King, it was formally revealed back in February 2022.