Check out 5 tips to protect your kids from heatwaves this summer


Overheating is a common cause of the disease known as heatstroke. This is caused by continuous exposure to heat, sunshine and physical effort. If a person’s body temperature increases above 40 degrees Celsius, they are more likely to get the condition.

Playing and exercising outside usually benefits a child’s physical and mental health development, but when there is scorching heat outside, kids should limit their outside activities. Take a look at some tips to protect your kids from heatwaves this summer.


Because hydration is vital, children should drink more water to keep their bodies hydrated. Sickness can also be caused by dehydration. Always keep a water bottle nearby. Aside from that, we should protect our bodies’ enzymes and electrolytes by drinking healthy juices, coconut water and lemonade.

Keep The Energy Up

Children should be encouraged to be more active during the day to avoid exhaustion and sleepiness.

Stay Indoors

Avoiding the sun is perfect, especially during the warmest times of the day when it swelters over our heads. Avoid unnecessary midday outings.

Retain It Light And Airy

Dress in bright colours in the summer. Light shades reflect heat and sunlight better and absorb less of it.

Avoid Soft Drinks

Avoid drinks that dehydrate the body, such as carbonated beverages.