Bird Buddy Launches Nature Intelligence Allowing Users To Name Individual Birds And Get Notified When They Return


  • Tech for nature start-up, Bird Buddy, has launched its new AI product, ‘Nature Intelligence’.
  • At the same time, the award-winning tech business has launched the ‘Nature Connected Home’, a new smart home integration.
  • The Gen 2 AI (Nature Intelligence) introduces the world’s first non-invasive bird tagging with Name That Bird, deepening our connection with nature.
  • Nature Intelligence recognizes when birds are sick, alerts when pets are around, and has extended species recognition to include butterflies, bees, and even the likes of bears and deer.

Watch Keynote from Franci Zidar, CEO Bird Buddy

KALAMAZOO, Mich., July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bird Buddy, the award-winning tech for nature company, has launched its new AI product called Nature Intelligence which delivers unique bird identification. Nature Intelligence includes additional features, asked for by the Bird Buddy community such as Bird Care, Pet Alerts, and additional species recognition. Concurrently launched is the Nature Connected Home functionality, which directly connects Bird Buddy’s Smart Feeder, a TIME Best Invention of 2023, and Smart Hummingbird Feeder to home devices, live streaming nature.

Nature Intelligence brings you closer than ever before to the nature around your home, and teaches you how to help it not just survive but thrive. Name That Bird is a key feature from Bird Buddy’s new built-in AI product. Without the use of bird banding, the AI identifies each individual bird by their unique features, opening up the opportunity to name your favorite visitors. Nature Intelligence also detects when birds are sick or injured, something bird enthusiasts are keen to know about in order to help prevent disease spread. In addition, you can now receive alerts for when pets, notably cats, are detected at your feeder. At the same time, Bird Buddy feeders will now recognize many other backyard creatures such as butterflies, bees, lizards, and raccoons, as well as the obvious squirrel.

Commenting on this launch, Franci Zidar, CEO Bird Buddy said:

“This is an absolute game changer in how we relate to the birds in our yard and is designed to unlock a deeper connection that was previously impossible. Imagine naming your favorite Northern Cardinal, Bob, and getting notified whenever Bob pays you a visit. Well, now it’s possible. It’s an experimental feature that could someday transform conservation efforts as it improves in accuracy.”

“The detail made available by the 5MP high-resolution Bird Buddy sensor present in all our feeders along with its close-up format is designed to bring out the full character of visiting birds. This makes Bird Buddy uniquely capable of capturing the features required to make this work. The potential is massive and I couldn’t be more excited for what this unlocks.”

Nature’s buzz now doesn’t need to stop at your back door. With the partner launch of the Nature Connected Home, Bird Buddy has unlocked access for nature to enter your home through your choice of connected device. Bird song and chatter can now be streamed through Alexa, Bird Buddy Feeder live streams can be broadcast on a smart TV to rival other VOD services, and users receive insights and recommendations, meaning nature is welcomed into the home on a daily basis.

Explaining further, Franci said:

“Your screens can become windows into the nature around your home when you’re not using them. If you feel like it, you can broadcast the sounds of nature from your yard into your indoor living spaces. It’s an effortless and magical integration that helps you stay connected with the nature around you by allowing its visual and auditory beauty to seep through the smart displays and speakers of your home. Bringing your backyard into your home is a smart move. Our mission is to heal our relationship with nature and ultimately make a measurable positive impact on our local ecosystems.”

Nature Intelligence and the Nature Connected Home are available through Bird Buddy Pro subscription service. For as little as $5.99 per month, Bird Buddy users can access all the Pro services (ADD). Bird Buddy’s Smart Bird Feeder and Smart Hummingbird Feeder units come with the standard free Bird Buddy app.

Notes to editors

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder product images are here: Media kit

Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird product images are here: Hummingbird Feeder Media kit

About Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy is on a mission to inspire a global passion for conservation by strengthening our relationship with the nature surrounding our own homes. Through their range of products and services, Bird Buddy is providing new ways to make a lasting and measurable positive impact on our local biodiversity.

Bird Buddy has now delivered over a billion moments of nature to Bird Buddy users, and have touched millions of other people around the world with the help of our community. Over 250,000 units have been shipped worldwide.

Bird Buddy has three hardware products:

Smart Bird Feeder

Smart Hummingbird Feeder

Smart Bird Bath (shipping late 2024)

With multiple accessories to increase species attraction and deepen connections with nature including the perch extender for bigger birds, three-in-one nutrition set, and suet ball holder.

Bird Buddy has also launched its own range of bird seeds: Buddy Bites, Avian Choice and Snack N’ Soar.

The tech for nature start up has won several awards:

  • TIME Best Invention 2023
  • SXSW Best Innovation for AI 2023
  • 3 x CES Honoree 2022
  • 2 x CES Honoree 2024
  • Fast Company Innovation in Design 2023
  • IdEA Silver Award
  • CNN Best Tested 2024
  • Good Housekeeping Best overall 2024

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"Give your favourite bird visitors a name and get notified when they stop by."

"Let the sounds and sights of nature flow seamlessly into your living space by connecting Bird Buddy to your home's smart displays and speakers."

"An advanced AI layer that helps you build a deeper connection with the nature around your home while suggesting small steps that can lead to a big impact, powered by the Bird Buddy devices in your yard."

"Nature Station ties all Bird Buddy products together and marks a beautiful, designated space in your yard for birds and other nature."

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