Average Height, Average Build: Everything we know about the upcoming Netflix movie so far


Following the enormous success of his most recent film on the streaming service, Don’t Look Up, Netflix is once more working with director Adam McKay to create his upcoming project. Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams, and Robert Downey Jr. will appear in the upcoming film Average Height, Average Build. Here is what we currently know.

The film, which Adam McKay began pitching to studios following this year’s Oscars, is written and directed by him, just like Don’t Look Up. After some thought, McKay reportedly went back to Netflix, where his most recent feature film was made available.

Following is everything we know and what to expect from this upcoming film.

Average Height, Average Build: Who is in the cast?

The cast of Average Height, Average Build, which stars Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr., Forest Whitaker, and Danielle Deadwyler, is similarly impressive to that of Don’t Look Up.

Adams will play the lobbyist who helps the serial murderer evade prosecution by influencing laws, while Pattinson will play the killer. Downey Jr. will portray the retired officer who is pursuing the murderer in the meanwhile.

As you may already be aware, Adams was slated to appear in the short series Kings of America, directed by Adam McKay. The stage of development for that series is unknown.

Whitaker and Deadwyler’s characters haven’t yet been made public. One of the actors that could show up in the movie, according to MovieWeb, came from an auction that took place in early 2023.

Average Height, Average Build: What is the film about?

Average Height, Average Build on Netflix is said to as having a “black comedy premise with the corruption that is rife in politics.”

The plot of the film is on a serial murderer who hires a lobbyist to modify the law so that he may commit murder more easily. The killer also tries to stop the retired officer from following his trail after hanging up his pistol since he is determined to solve the killings. The serial killer becomes Mr. Smith, a cause celebre. travels to Washington while hiding his genuine intentions.

Average Height, Average Build: When can we watch it?

Although Netflix hasn’t disclosed the movie’s official release date, 2025 appears more feasible given the company’s packed release calendar and the fact that production won’t begin until later this summer.