Amber Heard Refuses to Accept Defeat After Johnny Depp Trial, plans to share ‘her truth’ about domestic abuse in memoir


Amber Heard, the Danish Girl actress, has been making news due to the Johnny Depp defamation trail since last year. During the trial, Heard and Depp were subjected to intense social media scrutiny. The court ruled in Depp’s favour and Heard was ordered to pay financial compensation.

After quitting Hollywood, it has now been said that Amber Heard headed quietly to Spain and now resides in Madrid. She reportedly wants a quiet and private life with her daughter Oonagh Paige.

The actress, however, is reportedly considering writing a shocking tell-all memoir about her divorce from Johnny Depp, according to Radar Online.

After Johnny Depp’s defamation trial last year, according to a report from Radar Online, Amber intends to pen an autobiography in which she will reveal her truth.  Citing a source, Radar Online reported, “She [Amber Heard] won’t be silenced.” An insider told the publication, “She feels she was treated very badly during the trial. She feels like she’s the victim here.”

Amber Heard will reportedly reveal everything about her troubled two-year marriage to Johnny Depp in this shocking tell-all memoir. This autobiography will also include details from a bitter court battle in which Depp successfully sued Heard for defamation over an op-ed she wrote about being a domestic abuse victim. The actress will also talk about the online harassment she faced during the trial.