5 Effective Yoga poses that Help Relieve Headaches


Headaches are very common than we can ever imagine of it, however, what treatments can we use to get rid of the pain? We’ve tried everything, from the most highly-powered paracetamols to the most delicious teas on the planet. But did you know that yoga may also assist with headaches? Yes, you read it correctly. yoga may definitely help you if you have a bad headache. Let’s take a look at some yoga poses that Help Relieve Headaches.


This pose, also known as ‘child’s pose,’ may totally relax your mind by releasing tension in the neck and shoulder region. By breaking the knots in your shoulder region, you will feel more calmer.


Uttanasana, also known as ‘forward dog,’ is a pose perfect for increasing and improving blood circulation in your brain, allowing you to get rid of your headache quickly.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

The ‘downward-facing dog’ pose is a classic pose that can assist relieve stress in every part of your upper body while also increasing blood flow to your brain.


The ‘seated forward bend’ pose can stretch your spine and free any muscular tension in your head or neck, which can help you get rid of your headache.

Viparita Karani

If you want to calm your mind, the ‘legs-up-the-wall-pose’ is an excellent choice, since it increases blood flow and helps you get rid of your headache.